Lab Equipment for Liquid Food

Our complete All in, Process Equipment including all options by default,
providing complete solutions for Research & Development  as for Small Scale productions
in Dairy, Beverage and Aroma Industry



Highly precise Carbonation and filling process

Heat Treatment / Pasteurization

Thermal processing lines for food products with tubular  and/or plate heat exchangers
HTST and UHT lines.


Inline and or of-line Homogenization or mechanical treatment of the fat globules

Yogurt Fermentation Process Control

Consistency in product quality, cost-efficiency and capability to produce a multitude of different flavours and formulations.

Filling and Closing

Diverse Filling and Closing Solutions.

Sip & Cip   

Sterilisation and Cleaning in Place

Biber Pilot Plants



As a supplier of customer-specific total solutions, we have been manufacturing technically high-quality and reliable Laboratory equipment. Our professional design methods, first-class technical specialists, years of experience and a maximised manufacturing process are used for a wide range of customers Worldwide.

We like short lines of communication and we aim for an efficient collaboration with our clients. As a result, we develop customer-specific systems, with inventiveness and thinking proactively being important factors that yield a successful end product.

We need the creative process in order to get to the core of the issue. We aim for nothing less than the best result by designing and manufacturing good, accurate and robust systems. Thinking in terms of solutions is what makes Biber Pilot Plants successful.


  • Customer-specific design
  • Technical development
  • Production
  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Installation
  • Service, training and maintenance
  • Customisation for the perfect production lines

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“Our All In systems providing incomparable solutions for acceptable budgets using highest quality components and materials available  “

“Our uniek Service Support strategy decresing your costs up to 80% “

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Enginering & Development

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Sales Manager

Edin Biber

Managing Director

Biber Pilot Plants use only the 1st Class Quality 

Committed to Sustainable Quality !!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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